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Evgueni & Sacha Galperine's Score for Barry Levinson's Film Starring Al Pacino.

Described by one reviewer as musical quicksand, Evgueni Galperine and Sacha Galperine’s score for Barry Levinson’s PATERNO surely pulls you into the narrative. “Barry [Levinson] told us that he would like to have an emotional score to reveal Joe Paterno’s complex feelings but at same time he wanted to avoid playing to compassion or pity,” said composer Evgueni Galperine. “His idea was to make people understand Joe, try to imagine what they would do in his place, but in no way did Barry want the score to entice the audience to pardon Paterno.”

The composers achieved this using organic instruments manipulated in unorthodox ways.  “Unlike some other of our work, we concentrated on classical, orchestral instruments but used in an unusual way, impossible to play in real life musicians but made possible by samples programming,” Evgueni described.  This can be heard in the tracks ‘A Quiet Storm’ or ‘The Riot.’  “When complex articulation techniques are played very fast. It creates an interesting effect, like if we were listening to a superhuman orchestra,” Sacha explained.