Narrative Music, a division of August Creative Content LLC, is a company obsessed with the power of  storytelling. Music has a unique ability to organize thoughts, enhance emotions, create context and convey meaning. When well matched with narrative, the right music reveals characters, provides subtext, defines themes and sense of place. Whether sourcing existing music or creating a new score for your project, we remain focused on the story to meet your narrative goals.  



Joe Augustine is a music executive with over twenty years of experience. Tracing the progression of his career from professional musician to producer,  A&R rep, to manager and general manager to music supervisor and executive producer, he has a broad range of experience and an educated perspective of the inherent challenges in creating commerce from art, with integrity. He believes there is no formula for success, and no place for formula in creative works.  Each project must be approached as a unique creation and challenge requiring a unique solution to give it the life it deserves.