European Film Academy winner - European Composer(s) of the Year:
Evgueni & Sacha Galperine for LOVELESS

EFA Jury Statement:
"The dark, haunting and brooding music intensifies the experience of watching the film. Beautifully written, with an intelligent use of piano effects, the score works like an extra character added to the unfortunate family. From beginning to end, the music captivates the underlying tensions, the hidden truths and lies, and guides you through the story, without being overtly present."

Composers' Statement:

“Andrey Zviagintsev generally uses pre-existing music (Philip Glass in Elena and Leviathan) because he wants music to bring some new dimension to the story, not to underline what already exists,” explained Evgueni. “For this same reason, he asked us to write the whole score without watching the film or reading the script. He wanted us to give an absolutely free interpretation of the story based solely on his description, hoping that the music would become a missing piece of the psychological and emotional puzzle. This total liberty was very exciting but also very scary – the chances of missing the target working without the picture were big, but as blind people are known for developing their other senses, we had to go deeper into our imaginations and emotions, trying to connect with what is happening in the heads of the parents when their child disappears and their world is reduced to only one thought: find him.”

Other Awards & Honors:

  • London Film Festival - Best Film Winner

  • Cannes Film Festival - Jury Prize Winner

  • Academy Awards - Best Foreign Language Film Nominee

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