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Music SuperVision & Consulting

Story is everything. Our job is to source or create inspired music that serves your narrative goals. Whether your medium is film, television, gaming, advertising, podcasts, or politics, we'll work closely with you to identify and secure the music that enhances your story, and brings a powerful new dimension to its presentation.

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We've been working with all the major labels, independents, and publishers for over 20 years. We have the experience and relationships necessary to secure the repertoire you want.  We also have a strong catalog and represent a number of amazing composers and songwriters from Award-winners to up-and-comers in the United States and Europe.

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Its not enough to get right music. Maximizing its impact comes from careful implementation. You know this; imagine shooting the most magical of locations without an eye for cinematography. We work with creative teams to ensure the music is woven seamlessly into your narrative fabric for a custom, natural fit.